March 29, 2011

Harley Davidson Leather Jackets: How To Find And Buy One That Could Last You A Lifetime

Harley-Davidson® Men's Reflective Skull Leather Jacket. Reflective embroidered appliqué and piping. 98099-07VM MediumHarley Davidson leather jackets  are  the crème de la crème of motorcycle leather jackets. It is a status symbol when you wear it. This iconic brand means quality and durability that is associated  with the superiorly –made motorcycles that Harley Davidson is known for.

Why Leather?

Fast forward to million years later, we  are still doing what our ancestors did. Cover and protect our skin with leather. Aside from the style Harley Davidson leather jackets are popular for, they  are  made of superior quality hides. The leather  is supple and feels good on the skin. Most of all it provides abrasion resistance in the event you take an unfortunate tumble. And let’s face it. There’s nothing like the feel and smell of leather right? Especially if they are Harley Davidson leather jackets.

Pre-curved Sleeves.

One of the most amazing features of Harley Davidson leather jackets is that the sleeves are almost always pre-curved. That means you can wear the jacket right off the rack. You do not have to wait a week in order to “break in” the leather.
According to some customers who bought a Harley Davidson leather jacket, they feel comfortable  in a  riding position, when both your hands stretch out to grab the handlebars. It does not hinder you from making any movements. The non- restrictive feel is due to the pre curved sleeves of the jacket.

Protective armour .
Harley Davidson leather jackets has CE approved protective, removable armour that are added on the elbows, shoulders, and back. Some models like the Fxrg have added armour on the forearms. That is an additional protection aside from the abrasive resistant quality of the leather itself.

 The only gripe there is, the armour though unobtrusive, should come in standard with the jacket. You do not have to shell out a few dollars for the separate armour pads.

Warm and Cold Weather.

You can wear Harley Davidson leather jackets all year round. Some jacket models are made of perforated leather or have mesh inner lining or have zippered venting system  to let air flow movement possible. The easy access vents can be opened and zipped in one motion.   Therefore you can wear it in temperature well above mid-eighties and still feel comfortable. It is also water-proof to protect against heavy summer downpours.

The Harley Davidson leather jackets are also windproof. Great  for stop and go commute in urban traffic.

Some models of  Harley leather jackets have removable inner vest or complete long sleeve inner lining to block off freezing air from seeping in. So when it gets down to 20 degree weather you will not feel cold. Harley leather jackets are roomy enough you can wear a hoodie sweater right under it.

Other Features.

If you are a Harley bike riding packrat, there is plenty of room to carry your stuff with you like  eyeglasses, maps ,coins, mp3 player, wallet  and cellphone because Harley Davidson leather jackets have pockets both  interior and exterior parts with velcro closures.

The scotchlite reflective piping on the design makes you more visible during nighttime riding. Another safety factor to consider.

 One very nice thing about these jackets is that like wine they get better with age. After constant wearing the leather actually will hug your  body shape and contour, contributing to that perfect fit and look.

The  prices of these jackets range from $ 300 to $ 600 . A little hefty, true, but to think that it could last you a lifetime is well worth the investment. Four hundred bucks divided by 30 years is  $13 a year. Not bad isn’t it?

Harley Davidson leather jackets are not only stylish but most importantly they are functional riding gears. They provide comfort, durability and performance. Harley Davidson leather jackets are truly what they are cracked up to be.

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